Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another T-Shirt Interlude

Sometimes you just have to do what pops into your head, as long as it's legal and reasonably safe that is (the lawyer in me can't resist qualifying that statement...).  So I made this T-shirt.  The stretch lace was given to me by a friend and fellow-sewer here in the Nation's Capital, and the underlining was in the stash, the result of an earlier gift from another end of the country.  The fold-over elastic (FOE) also came from stash.  Oh, and I borrowed the pattern (from DIGS).  So that makes this little T pretty much cost-free, and it didn't take much time either.   

Like every other Jalie pattern I have tried, this is a winner.  Simple and it fits.  What's not to like?

And it's a fabric miser.  I might have had 70cm of this fabric.  There is a bit left over. 

Because the lace is sheer, I underlined the body pieces with a flesh-tone cotton lycra jersey.  The sleeves are just the lace.  The illusion is not bad.  I hate worrying about whether my undies are showing, and the wind won't whistle through it either.  So practical!

I finished the neck and sleeve edges with narrow FOE.  This is so easy it is just ridiculous.  I used a small zig-zag (1.5 x 2 mm).  Applying a very small amount of tension to the FOE works best. 

I traced size S, blending to T at the hip.  I cut the neck down very slightly, and cut the sleeves shorter than the short sleeve line marked on the pattern (but longer than the cap sleeve line).  I also cut the T shorter (used the size M hem line) because Jalie's Ts are always too long for me.  I allowed myself 1.5cm at the side seams for fitting because Jalie's 7mm (1/4") gives no room for error at all.  Because the fabric with underlining is a bit less stretchy than many knits, I needed the extra at the bust and hip.

Here is a close up of the lace fabric, with the hem turned up so you can also see the underlining. 

I AM going to cut out my jacket now...

I hope I have enough fabric for a coordinating skirt...


  1. Great job! It looks so pretty and that underlining is such a clever idea.

  2. CUTE!! And very pretty & feminine fabric ;)!!
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  3. Nice top. Perfect for under jackes :)

  4. Lace looks good on you! I have that pattern, but haven't made it up yet. Good to know it's a keeper.

  5. Kay, everything you sew looks fabulous, and this is no exception :)

  6. I think I own this exact stretch lace but it has been sitting alone, as I have not been able to figure out a lining as it is very sheer as you said-that and many other projects in line....
    I like the design and what you have done with it.You can wear it as a layering piece without being afraid to wear it by itself! Very nice.

  7. Very nice! What fun to put all the pieces together for this great outcome.

  8. Lovely addition to anyone's wardrobe! Looks terrific on you!

  9. Looks Fab! One can never have too many Ts and an elegant lace one is a wonderful look.


  10. Love it! I have this Jalie, I think it's the best tee shirt pattern out there.