Saturday, January 30, 2010


Returning from a meeting this week I ambled into a store and came across some gorgeous wool shawls for 50% their regular price.  I bought two.  But one of them needed serious attention.  Why would anyone think that a lovely 100% wool shawl already woven in riotous colour in paisley and hounds tooth pattern, with every edge a different woven border, would ALSO NEED TO BE EMBELLISHED ALL OVER WITH SEQUINS AND BEADS??!!  Oy! 

For 50% off I figured I could spend some quality time with my seam ripper, finding the ends of all the chain stitching....

This is what it looks like after the beads etc. are removed. It's still pretty decorative!

This one has clunky embroidery on it - some of which has been removed.  The whole thing is double-cloth - the other side is much lighter. 

They will be so cozy in my chilly office with its "heritage" (i.e. single-paned metal mullioned) windows.


  1. Much more lovely without the bling!

  2. Yes, removing the beads and sequins lets you see the fabric better and the fabric is lovely enough! I did same thing with a sequined paisley skirt from Soft Surroundings. Sometimes restraint is much better looking than adding so much stuff.

  3. I love beads, but it looks like there were way too many on those shawls. Lots of un-sewing!

  4. Sew, what does that make me if... I liked the bling... Dolly Parton?? (I LIKE her!!)
    Your shawl is beau-ti-ful--both ways ;)
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)