Monday, March 4, 2019

New pattern company (to me) - Itch to Stitch

Every year, Pattern Review publishes its annual "Best Patterns" of the previous year and in the 2018 edition, they included the Brasov Wrap Top pattern from a new to me independent pattern company, Itch to Stitch. The bit from the review that intrigued me was this: "This lovely wrap-style top can be worn tucked or untucked, and achieves the amazing feat of being both modest and sexy."

Plus, I do like a top that would look good under a jacket.

I have some really nice dark navy wool jersey (purchased at The Fabric Store in Sydney, Australia) and I think this top would be nice in a smooth wool jersey. But I tested the pattern first, in some rayon/lycra jersey from deep stash. This is the world's most disappointing type of fabric since it just doesn't wear well or for very long, but it's fun while it lasts.

Now, the pattern calls for a firmer knit than the rayon and warns that in rayon it will be bigger with more drape. When I basted the side seams the front did seem just too big overall so I took in the side seams. Now that I've reminded myself about this warning, I think I'll re-print the parts of the pattern that I then adjusted...

I do, however, think I will take some of the length away. It just seems way too long to be easily wearable.

I'll probably have to lose the lowest of the 5 waist tucks.


  1. Itch to Stitch is my favorite indy pattern company. Kennis Wong, the designer, does an excellent job drafting her patterns and writing instructions. I've yet to try a pattern I didn't like. I don't buy everything she designs -- some aren't my style. And I don't blog or test so am not getting anything for saying this. My favorites are her cardigans and the Liana jeans. Her Facebook group is very active and she's on there answering questions.

  2. I have several Itch to Stitch patterns, including the Brasov. I haven't made it yet and I am wondering how tall you are? I am 5'7" so I am wondering about altering it.

  3. I'm another who loves ITS patterns. I think the Brasov is my most made pattern of any designer - five so far and a couple more planned. I like your version too, that's a great fabric !

  4. This was a "new to me" company also. I looked through their pattern offerings and none of them really look very original. I recognize many of the designs from the Big4(5?). Interesting. I like that all the sizes are included.

  5. I have her free Lindy Petal skirt pattern and wear it constantly. It's well designed & comfortable. Of course I also added pockets!

  6. This is not a comment but a question. I have searched the itch to stitch website for a way to ask about the patterns with no luck. Perhaps someone here either knows how to ask or perhaps knows the answers. I have never bought or used a pattern that is sold on line. I have no printer and only an iPad. I would like to buy the version in large format to be printed at a printshop. Can this be done with an iPad? How does it get to the printer? Are the pattern sizes printed on one sheet like regular commercial patterns? I do not cut patterns directly but trace them onto examination paper.