Monday, September 1, 2014


The Sewing Lawyer is happy to take advantage of unavoidable destiny.  Which seems to capture the relationship between Vogue 1353 and my sari fabric.

How else to explain this match of curves?

Here is my partly finished bodice.

To give the fairly close-fitting bodice some strength, I've underlined my very soft and drapey silk with silk organza. I'm also using organza as interfacing, and will face the skirt hem with it to give it a bit more body.
The lining will be the white cotton/poly dress that the bodice is pinned to.  I also used it for fitting purposes.

Speaking of which, when Vogue says that the waist seam is "slightly above" the waist they are not kidding. I added 1.5cm of length (5/8") and it feels a lot more comfortable.

I also raised the back neckline about 5cm (2") and narrowed the bodice upper back by about 2cm.  Many reviewers noted that it is rather broad, and on me the back neck gaped and the bodice felt uncomfortably loose.

The back of the bodice is cut in the red squares part of the sari.  The skirt remains to be cut.  First I have to figure out exactly how long I want it to be.

Maybe I'll call it my volcano dress.  While I'm sewing, I'm keeping tabs on Bárðarbunga, the Icelandic volcano that is giving rise to the current fissure eruption.


  1. This dress will have a great great look !! Woaw. What will be the main colour of the skirt? Off White ? And what coulour did you choose for the lining ?

  2. Those colors are absolutely beautiful! I look forward to seeing the finished garment.

  3. This is going to be gorgeous! Lovely colors in this.

  4. Volcano dress, indeed! What a beautiful effect.