Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quick white linen skirt

After I made my white cropped pants, I had approximately 2 metres of linen left.  What to do, what to do?  So I made this skirt.

The pattern is Vogue 1762, a "Vogue's Basic Design" ca. 1986.

I made View E, the green one.  But mine is quite a bit (6") shorter. If memory serves, this is the only view I've made from this pattern.  It's reasonably swishy without being overwhelming.  I like the fact that it is somewhat fitted at the hip and then flares.

I briefly considered using the Pavlova skirt from Cake Patterns.  But it's a complete circle, a real fabric hog.  On asking myself the hard questions, I decided I didn't need or want that much swish.  I was aiming at a classic basic that I could wear anytime with anything, not a statement piece that would wear me.  (I really bought the pattern for the wrap top, and I even mentally have some fabric picked out for it.  I'll get around to it some day.)

I also like the shaped waistband on V1762.  My copy of this pattern, which I acquired second-hand, is a bigger size than I would normally buy.  However it fits well and the waistband is nice and loose so I can comfortably tuck blouses in even though it is also quite high.

Flush with the success of my partial flesh-tone underlining on the matching white pants, I did the same again, but this time with a poly-cotton I found lurking in my stash.  It's pretty much invisible, unless someone looks at my lower half far too closely.

Now I have about a half-metre of white linen left, enough to function as trim or contrast on some future project.  I consider the two projects a satisfactory stash-busting exercise.

In other news, I'm still knitting away on my red ribbed top.  It has grown since my last post.  It's past my waist now.  Just a couple more inches to go.  It should look pretty nice with my white bottoms.


  1. Your new skirt is lovely, Kay. I think you will get a lot of use out of it. I'm really curious about the shaped waistband. Would you mind elaborating on it a bit? Anything you can share about the shaping and also construction (interfacing?) would be most appreciated. Thanks so much!

  2. This skirt has just the right amount of 'omph' in it for you. Any more and I think it would over power your delicate frame. Love the underlined section - super idea, and practical. Keep with the knitting, you are soooo close to finishing...J

  3. Your underlining is very clever. An excellent summer skirt, beautifully swishy.

  4. I love the skirt, very pretty and perfect for the summer.

  5. What a beautiful shape, perfect for summer! I suppose the gores are cut on bias?


  6. What a great summer skirt! And I love the flesh toned underlining in the skirt...just perfect!

  7. White linen is just so summery. Love the simple lines of your skirt, and the red top is going to look so patriotic with your white bottoms!

  8. Love both the skirt and the top, they are both very gorgeous. I really like skirts that have the waist shaped by darts without a band. But this is really interesting as well (I can't sew the same thing over and over, no matter how much I might want to do that! I'd get bored), I might try that next!