Saturday, December 3, 2011

Introducing Very Cherry Slouchy ... the hat that knit itself

The Sewing Knitting Lawyer has a new problem - in fact it may be an addiction.

This is such a surprise.  As I have mentioned here before, I used to knit.  But that was (most recently) in the 80s!   A few years back I thought I'd make a little sleeveless shell and bought some yarn and started ... and stopped.  Not interesting, too slow.  I figured my knitting career was over.

But now, Wow!  I can't seem to put the darned needles down.  What is happening?

Anyway, I am signed up on Ravelry (as Kayyy) and this is my most recent FO.  The pattern is one of the thousands of free ones, and it is a fast project.  I bought the yarn (Diamond Yarn Merino Superwash Aran) last Sunday afternoon.  By bedtime that night the hat was 6" tall.  I finished it on Thursday and wore it Friday.

Ready to knit the I-Cord
I love the way the pattern spirals up to the pointy top of the slouchy hat, and turns into a perfectly tubular I-Cord.  For someone who had never knit I-Cord before, doing so was ridiculously satisfying.

There is supposed to be a bead on the end of the I-Cord but for now, I've just tied it in a little knot.

My very cherry slouchy hat keeps my ears warm.  And it doesn't look too terrible on either.  The colour is more accurate in the other pictures.

This afternoon I bought some Cascade 220 (100% Peruvian highland wool) to make this sweater. It's a delicious turquoisey-blue colour.

It promises to feed my new addiction for more than a week.


  1. That's pretty cool, and the fact that you actually wear it makes it so much better! When I'm not sewing or reading (or doing laundry), I'm crocheting, and it hasn't taken over my life just yet.

  2. It's adorable! Sometimes I wish I could knit, but I'm kind of afraid of starting yet another obsession. And I wish I could wear hats without getting hat hair. But then again I live in Florida, not Canada, so I can give in to vanity over warmth. ;-)

  3. A great looking hat, Kay! I don't think knitting will take over your life--but I would be very cautious about taking up quilting--I know many a fine garment sewist who gave it up for quilts!

  4. I love it, Kay! I used to knit back in the 80s, too. I'd love to start again but can't imagine where I'd find the time. You're tempting me though with that adorable hat of yours. It looks so cute on you!

  5. I just downloaded the same sweater. I'm looking forward to seeing yours. It'll be finished first as I'm working on smaller things right now. I too knit in the 80's and just started again four years ago.

  6. Very cute, and festive season appropriate!

  7. Love that slouchy hat! The sweater you are planning to make is very cute as well. Cascade 220 is a great yarn to knit with -- can't wait to see your progress!

  8. I love this hat. Is it possible to link to the pattern I don't seem to be able to find in with searching. Sorry I know you are busy. Beautiful job on the knitting.

  9. opps never mind I found it. Unless maybe others want it.

    1. yes, I would love to have the pattern link thanks....

  10. I would love to have the link to the pattern, already looked at Ravelry no luck..