Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two pink things

First, please admire the perfection of the pink cashmere, neatly wound into a ball (or is there another name for one of these?) using my new wool winder.  Though my husband says I should be sure to mention what a headache it was to make the #*%# thing, I think it's brilliant.

The wool should unwind neatly from the centre.

No doubt this is all old news to you knitters out there, but it's new technology chez The Sewing Lawyer.

In other breaking news, I successfully changed my second bra (the front closing one) into a standard back-hooking bra with a closed bridge in front.  It actually wasn't that hard and it fits so much better.  Before, the wires were not only too far apart, the bridge was too low which meant the wires were not at the right angle.  Now, as you can see, they come up higher at CF where they are more vertical.  

I sewed on 3 of the little pink/√©cru bows that I bought at the Fabric Flea Market yesterday.  I think they look kind of cute!


  1. Your bra making is very professional. A skill I am yet to acquire.

  2. The bras are impressive.
    The yarn is a "cake" and you want to be careful not to wind the wools too tight. If it's cashmere you may want to rewind it again keeping winder at medium pace Just to be safe.
    And if you have a slippery yarn put the cake into something it fits tightly into such as a Ziploc sandwich bag and it will prevent the worst of the mess you're likely to get at the end of the sk when it's all collapsing in on itself.

  3. I agree with Gail - am very impressed with the bra making - pretty pink cashmere too

  4. That pink cake is so pretty ! Do you know what it's going to become ?

    I didn't buy any of the wool but I touched/fondled just about everything on that table ! The only reason I didn't buy is I forgot a VERY important rule - NEVER, NEVER put down something you're thinking about. In about 10 seconds after I put down the orange/rust cashmere, I changed my mind to find it was snapped up already - hah, that won't happen again.

  5. And the wool is for ??? it seams amazing. I am looking forward seeing the result.

  6. I agree, that bra is very professional looking; impressive! I smiled at your anagram SABLE, that is a new one to me! Very funny!!

  7. That pink cashmere looks amazing! I have a ball winder and a swift, but the whole contraption can be a pain to operate (depending on the yarn)! I've had many headaches related to my ball winder!